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 * jaZip for Linux  (c) 1996  Jarrod A. Smith
 * Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its
 * documentation for any purpose is hereby granted without fee, provided that
 * the above copyright notice appear in all copies and that both that
 * copyright notice and this permission notice appear in supporting
 * documentation.  No representations are made about the suitability of this
 * software for any purpose.  It is provided "as is" without express or 
 * implied warranty.

#include <forms.h>
#include "pixmaps.h"
#include "jazip.h"
#include "help.h"
#include "about.h"

void        addto_help();

void help(FL_OBJECT *ob, long data)
      FD_jazip_help     *fd_jazip_help;
      FD_about                *fd_about;
      FD_jazip                *zpf = ob->u_vdata;
      FL_OBJECT         *obj;

      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->file_menu, FL_INACTIVE);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->tools_menu, FL_INACTIVE);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->help_menu, FL_INACTIVE);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->msg_browser, FL_INACTIVE);

      switch (fl_get_menu(ob)){

      case HELP_ABOUT:
            fd_about = create_form_about();
            fl_show_form (fd_about->about,FL_PLACE_CENTER,FL_TRANSIENT,"About jaZip");
            while ((obj = fl_do_forms()) != fd_about->dismiss) ;
            fl_hide_form (fd_about->about);
            fl_free_form (fd_about->about);

      case HELP_HELP:
            fd_jazip_help = create_form_jazip_help();
            fd_jazip_help->help_browser->u_vdata = fd_jazip_help;
            fl_show_form (fd_jazip_help->jazip_help,FL_PLACE_CENTER,FL_TRANSIENT,"jaZip Help");
            fl_set_browser_fontsize (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, 12);
            fl_set_button (fd_jazip_help->help_overview, 1);
            show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "overview.help");
            while( (obj = fl_do_forms()) != fd_jazip_help->dismiss){
                  if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_overview)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "overview.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_menus)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "menus.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_info)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "info.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_mount)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "mount.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_umount)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "unmount.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_eject)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "eject.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_ro)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "lock.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_rw)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "unlock.help");
                  else if (obj == fd_jazip_help->help_exit)
                        show_topic (fd_jazip_help->help_browser, "exit.help");
            fl_hide_form (fd_jazip_help->jazip_help);
            fl_free_form (fd_jazip_help->jazip_help);

      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->file_menu, FL_BLACK);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->tools_menu, FL_BLACK);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->help_menu, FL_BLACK);
      fl_set_object_lcol(zpf->msg_browser, FL_BLACK);

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