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Mount and unmount Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drives
It combines Grant Guenther's original command line utility, ziptool, with
Jaz drive support, a nice X interface and additional utilities to allow
users to easily mount and unmount disks formatted in either ext2 or fat.
It supports the Iomega Zip drive with USB, parallel, SCSI or ATAPI
interfaces, but ATAPI Zip drives are supported only when using kernel SCSI
emulation. I don't know about the Zip-plus version (someone please tell
me). The SCSI Jaz drive is supported in both the 1G and 2G capacities. It
does not support the much older IDE (non-ATAPI) interface drives, nor
Syquest drives.
The package also includes jazipconfig, a configuration tool.
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